Get the best Fortnite modification experience with ReksFN

Using ReksFN you can troll friends, gift cosmetics, play OG Fortnite and do other interesting things.

ReksFN Downloads

All downloads ReksFN can provide to your current platform.

ReksFN Hybrid

Pc only version, similar to a private server with all skins, but still lets you join friends using our launcher.

ReksFN S13

For people who want to go back in time, play fortnite s13 again with skins ingame.

ReksFN Anywhere

Basically a hybrid server, but this one works on any platform, so you dont have to worry about not being a pc owner.


Our Comfortable Pricing

Start using ReksFN that can provide everything you need to enjoy Fortnite Modding even more.


$ 6.99 /lifetime
  • Get permanent code
  • Exclusive downloads & chats
  • Realistic Mode (removes custom news,text)
  • Custom Locker (only choose skins you want)
  • Unlimited time in Anywhere
  • Exclusive downloads & chats
  • No Ads
  • Premium tab with exclusive features
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$ 0
  • Get code every 48 hours
  • Get all cosmetics
  • Limited time in Anywhere
  • Visual Gifting
  • Stats,shop changer
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How ReksFN works ?

On launch ReksFN redirects game requests to our secure server for our users safety. Although ReksFN does not offer any unfair advantages in gameplay, the anticheat system is temporarily turned off while being used.

Is this a virus ?

No, applications that are generally not on antivirus's "whitelist" get flagged as viruses when really its a false positive (most likely just a un-signed application).

How can I play ingame with skins ?

If you would like to play matches ingame with skins you can follow tutorial in Hybrid or use Season 13 that you can download higher.

Does Epic Games allow ReksFN ?

Although epic does not encourage it, they have said they will allow it aslong as we do not affect a users actual epic games status or giving them an unfair advantage. ReksFN does not do this as ReksFN is completely relying on its own “ReksFN servers” to host this and does not actually affect Fortnite in any way!

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